Civil law

Civil law

At Palmer Legal we have civil lawyers in Palma de Mallorca. Lawyers specialising in family law, mortgage law, contract law, etc.

Civil advisory services that we offer in our office:

Inheritance/legacy and family Law:

We advise and are at your complete disposal in any aspect related to family law issues, such as inheritances and legacies, pension claims for child support, custody of minors, filiation and emancipation, constitution of economic-marital regimes, etc.

Compensation of damages law:

Our lawyers will help you in damage claims and advise you on how to claim compensation. In addition, they will help you to defend yourself against such accusations.

Mortgage Law:

We have experienced lawyers in mortgage contracts who will advise you when signing a mortgage and explain all the details you need to select the product that suits you best.

Hiring Law:

As far as labour law is concerned, our lawyers will advise you on all types of aspects related to hiring.


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