Real Estate

Real Estate

At Palmer Legal we have lawyers who specialize in real estate transactions. We advise property owners, real estate agents and buyers throughout the process of buying or selling a property.

Legal services that we offer related to the real estate market:

Acquisition of properties and real estate companies:

We advise real estate agents in all the processes of buying and selling properties. We prepare the necessary documentation for the transaction according to the legislation in use.

Urban and rural leases:

We assist in the execution of urban and rural land leases between landlords and tenants.

Condominiums (advice to owners):

We advise property owners on any aspect related to the sale.

Contracts in regards to the execution of work, architecture and project management:

We draw up contracts for the construction sector, both for builders and owners.

Responsibility of constructions agents:

We advise builders in everything related to liability insurance.

Licenses, grouping, segregations, planning agreements. Actions and defense in administrative and judicial appeals.


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